Great Lakes Walleye Fishing


I have had the good fortune to reside on or near the Great Lakes over the past 45 years to enjoy Walleye fishing and duck hunting. It was not unheard of to take a day off from my day job and go out, jump into the boat and go out and catch my limit of Walleye. And if it wasn’t fishing it was gathering up the decoys and hitting the lake shore to knock down a couple green heads.

Walleye fishing on Lake Erie can at times be challenging! If you’re lucky and the weather is acceptable, finding the Walleyes can be frustrating.  And if the weather is questionable you would be well advised to check your weather radio for a report on the lake conditions. 

Once out on the open water and you’ve used your Fish Locator for the best location it’s time to get out the rods and reels and get to it. I’ve used a number of different brands and types of rods and reels and have come to rely on the Okuma Dead Eye Classic Series Rods to catch my limit most of the time with no hassles.

To catch the elusive Walleye, you will need to use a variety of techniques. Things to consider are water temperature, water clarity, water depth, bottom topography and location.

Ideally top water temperature should be 45 – 52 degrees when the Walleye start running in the spring. I try searching the hard bottom flats of the lake. These seem to warm up sooner. I also look for areas near rivers and creeks. Two other areas to look for are weed beds and rock bottoms. Watch the water clarity. It should not be muddy or totally clear. I look for water that is somewhat chalky. Chalky water provides some cover and also tends to be a little warmer.

There are a large number of Walleye Fishermen out there and everyone has their own methods and techniques when it comes to fishing. I believe the best advice I can give is to use what works best for you. I’ve been out on the lake with friends and it is always a topic for discussion as to which technique or location works the best. To keep from arguing we each do our own thing and see who does the best. Then we all use that technique. We seem to bring back enough fish to feed our friends and family.

And now that you have caught your limit, it’s time to clean and fry them up. There’s nothing better than fresh caught fish that have been deep fried with good helping of Cole Slaw and Fries.

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