Camping in Western Michigan at its best. The adventure continues!

This past summer we’ve had the opportunity to camp at a premier campground in Holland Michigan. The campground is located approximately one mile east of “The Big Lake” as it’s referred to by some of the locals. Of course their talking about Lake Michigan, where an outdoors man would not be wanting for much of anything in the way of camping, hunting, fishing and anything related to being outdoors, including swimming, hiking, kayaking, boating and so much more than can be written about here.

When you get there you will want to go to the Holland State Park where you will enjoy a superb beach and where you will see people flying huge kites and people sail boarding. As well you will find Big Red, the Holland Light House. Many visitors capture photos of this well known land mark. 

The campground was terrific! In the many years that we’ve been camping we have never stayed at a facility as clean and well organized as Oak Grove Campground Resort. The folks that work there are as friendly and helpful as can be. They have what you need including fire wood, propane and a camp store stocked with most of anything you may need on a week or weekend trip.

One of the first things we tend to grade a facility on is its restroom and shower accommodations. One stop at the restroom will amaze you. Extremely clean and modern as were the showers. While there, the restroom facilities were inspected by the local health inspector who commented that the facilities there were cleaner and better taken care of better than any other facility that he inspected in Holland.

We met so many friendly travelers that were enjoying the campground and we all agreed that it makes the camping awesome. You could bike to Lake Michigan, drive or walk with your dog, whichever you preferred. At the same time it is dog friendly and the campground offers a dog park.

Since the campground is so close to Lake Michigan, I took the opportunity to try out my new Okuma Spinning Rod and Reel Combo to relax and fish from the break-wall in the boat channel between Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa with Lake Macatawa basically being a boat basin for a vast array of pleasure boats. The channel is adjacent to the Holland state park.

While fishing on the break-wall, I had the chance to enjoy all the activity around me and used my two way radio to keep in touch with the others in my party who were pursuing their fun.

If you should decide to visit there I would recommend using a Trekking Pole to assist you on the Dunes.

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