Visit Historic Fort Griffin State Park in Texas

Whether your're a tent camper, Pop-up, fifth wheel, travel trailer or maybe "roughing it" in your decked out Motor Home, this story will interest you in your pursuit of great places to camp and visit. 

 On a side trip traveling back from our wintering campground in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas cowboy country, we asked our grandchildren, who live in the area, where a good campground close to them would be and without hesitation they said Fort Griffin State Historic Park located about 20 miles or so north of Albany, TX and they decided to bring their camper to stay along with us. 

We made reservations and the camping fees were very reasonable, easy on our slim budget. 

On our way to the campground we encountered a problem with our camper and when we pulled over to the side of the road there were some road construction workers who  immediately came over and asked if they could help and ended up doing the repairs for us.

 Upon talking with them, we told them we were meeting our grandchildren at Ft Griffin and we learned they knew who they were. . Small World!

We expressed how grateful we were and noted how friendly Texans are. 

 Upon entering the campground we were awestruck by the layout (easy access) wide roads and the campsites were laid out in such a manner to give you the feeling of open space with privacy, yet easy access to visit with your neighbors.  

 We met some families enjoying the campground as much as we did, coming from all walks of life and areas of the country. The children played outside and loved the fresh air and unlimited spaces to play.

 The next day the children found out about the Texas Longhorn steer that are a part of the campground and the activities related to them which they loved.

 The kids didn't appreciate the history behind these Longhorns, who are direct decedents of the original herd, but as adults, we did, and were impressed by how beautiful they are. 

 A Texas Longhorn grazing in Fort Griffin State Park, Teas

When we set up on the site the utilities were great. The only problems we encountered were cell phone service was patchy and there was not cable service which we did not miss. There were picnic tables on each site and the usual state park grills. Not being one to cook on them, we pulled out our trusty cook stove and proceeded to enjoy a great meal. 

 We then set out for a early evening walk with our canine traveling companions Fanny and Fritz and engaged with some good conversation and storytelling with our neighboring campers and Yeah some of the stories embellished coming from all of us and it made for some good laughs. 

 After that we went back to our campsite grabbed our lantern and played some games at the picnic table. 

But after total darkness set in we were stunned by the amazing sky filled with more stars than you could imagine and reminded us of how spectacular the universe really is.

 If you get down Texas Way be sure and stop in and visit this Texas State Park in Albany, TX 

 Mary Jane & Ed 

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