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The Ardent Apex Flipping Reel was designed by Denny Brauer, renowned B.A.S.S. Elite money winner and King of Flipping. This reel was specially designed for one fishing application – flipping.

The Apex Flipping Reel reel features a narrow arbor spool and fixed line guide that eliminate the need for a level wind mechanism and improve flipping accuracy as you make countless short, precise casts.

Total reel weight is 5.9 ounces to help reduce arm and shoulder fatigue throughout a long day of fishing. For additional comfort and fatigue reduction, the reel is also equipped with EVA grip knobs on the swept back carbon fiber handle that also offers powerful leverage.

To further reduce weight and improve durability, the Apex Flipping Reel was constructed with an ergonomic high strength aluminum frame and helical aircraft aluminum gear. This reel is equipped with a 10+1 high precision ball bearing system, a forged aluminum swept back star drag, and a strike saver system with an 11 pound drag for superior flipping performance.

The Apex Flipping Reel is offered in 7.3:1 gear ratio for right handed anglers.

The line capacity 40 pounds/75 yards; the Apex Flipping Reel is backed by Ardent’s exclusive 3 year warranty.

Designed by Denny Brauer specifically for flipping;

A narrow arbor spool and fixed line guide improve accuracy of short, precise casts

Total reel weight is only 5.9 ounces;

the aluminum frame and carbon fiber swept back handle reduce the weight and offer superior durability

Reduces arm, shoulder, and hand fatigue with its lightweight construction, comfort EVA grip knobs, and ergonomic frame design

Equipped with a high precision 10+1 ball bearing system and a 7.3:1 gear ratio to deliver strong close-range retrieves; for right handed anglers

Built to last with a helical aircraft aluminum gear and a forged aluminum swept back star drag;

11 pound strike saver drag system and a line capacity of 40 pounds/75 yards