Cold Steel Blackthorn Walking Stick  #91PBS

Cold Steel Blackthorn Walking Stick #91PBS

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Whether out for a casual walk around the block or on a hike through the woods, the Blackthorn is your friend to help support your body or to protect yourself from unfriendly dogs.

The Blackthorn is found throughout Ireland and the British Isles. It has been prized for centuries as a material for premium walking sticks. 

The Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick is inspired by an authentic Blackthorn from Cold Steel President, Lynn C.Thompson's private collection.

It was copied carefully, and then artfully modified to a point where it not only mimics nature but actually rivals and supersedes anything the natural world could produce!

If nature had fashioned the most perfect Blackthorn stick, and you were lucky enough to come by it, our Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick is what it would look like.
Cold Steel’s modern interpretation of this beautiful and historically significant walking stick is made from high impact polypropylene. It’s incredibly durable and is easy to clean with a little soap and water. 
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  • Color: Black
  • Overall length: 38 in
  • Material: Polymer
  • Woodgrain texture finish
  • Constructed of solid black polypropylene that will never warp, crack, rot or fade
  • Weight: 29.3 oz
  • Polished faux wood gain head