Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Headset comfortable hearing protection #PEUSPUZ

Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Headset comfortable hearing protection #PEUSPUZ

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When you want something that will protect your ears but not be super bulky, give Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Headset - Purple Zebra a try! With ProForm leather ear cushions and soft flexible headbands, you won't mind wearing these comfortable headset all day.

A comfortable, well designed pair of earmuffs can protect your hearing for years to come. Selecting the proper level of noise reduction to protect your hearing while not over protecting is made easy with the three levels of protection.

The sleek design of the muff allows for use of both handguns and long rifles. 

  • Purple Zebra ultra sleek headset
  • Simple height adjustment requires no tools to remain fixed during wear
  • Snap-in ear cushions make replacement quick and easy
  • Rugged, high profile cups Adjustable headband and ProForm leather ear cushions
  • Sleek cup allows for any firearm to be used
  • Hard hat adapter, fits most hard hats (may not be suitable for wide-brim hard hats)
  • Made in the USA